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It’s critical to consider suitable striping intervals. The last thing you want is for the stripes that are part of your parking lot to fade. Faded stripes can lead to confusion. They can sometimes even negatively impact safety for customers and clients. Arrows, stripes and marks overall can lead to a parking lot that’s conducive to convenience and ease for everyone. That’s the reason that you want to make sure that these things are 100 percent clear and easy to spot and read no matter what.
You should strive to get striping service touchups a minimum once each two years. If you notice premature discoloration of lines or anything else, then you need to boost your striping sessions. Many factors can influence how prominent lines and stripes in parking lots are. Environmental components may influence them. Weather extremes can make lines look a lot less noticeable quickly. Intense rainfall can harm the appearance of stripes substantially. The same thing applies to all sorts of weather conditions. Don’t forget that foot traffic can impact striping intervals. If your parking lot sees many footsteps on a daily basis, then fading may take place a lot more rapidly.


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Why Asphalt Striping and Asphalt Maintenance Sessions Are Vital

It’s crucial to see to it that your parking lot is always functional and simple to navigate for everyone. If you invest in routine asphalt striping and asphalt maintenance sessions, then you can run a parking lot that’s devoid of confusion and potential risks. The absence of clear signs can be frustrating to the people who visit you. If you head a business, the last thing you want is to discourage your customers by perplexing them.
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If you have questions about how and when asphalt needs to be repaired on a commercial or a residential job don’t hesitate to ask. We’ve included a few commonly asked asphalt repair questions here but we’re happy to answer any other question you may have.

It depends on the size of the project and type of striping. Small projects can take 5 minutes, while bigger projects can take more than 10 hours. 

If maintained well, they can usually last about a year. With harsher weather conditions, expect to re-stripe more often.

A good rule to go by is to re-stripe when you’ve lost 75% of the original color. If you have harsh weather conditions or more traffic, expect to re-stripe every year. The best time to re-stripe is in Spring!

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